Holocaust Education Online Resource Library is designed for Nevada teachers and students interested in the history of the Holocaust and looking for teaching and learning resources in this area.  The online resources assembled on this site are divided into several not mutually exclusive categories, including Nevada Holocaust memorial organizations, National and international associations, Holocaust education and research centers, Video archives and data repositories, Teaching resources and course syllabi, Readings in the history of Holocaust, Holocaust art, and Holocaust fiction.  Teachers and students developing expertise on this subject will find useful the Justice & Democracy Forum series sponsored by the UNLV Center for Democratic Culture and Boyd School of Law.  Among recent forums organized in collaboration with the Clark County School District and the Nevada Governor's office are conferences on Refugee Crisis, Memory of Trauma, and The Holocaust and Its Legacy.  Audio and video podcasts recorded at the forums are posted as they become available.  More information can be found on the Justice and Democracy Forum page.  


Holocaust Education Online Resource Library
Holocaust Teaching Resources and Course Syllabi

Holocaust Timeline Overview

Holocaust History Power Point Presentation

Confront Genocide: Cases of Genocide

Connecticut Teaching the Holocaust and Genocide

Genocide and Holocaust Studies

History of Holocaust – University of Kentucky Syllabus

Holocaust Curriculum for Middle School

History of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust – MIT

Introduction to the Holocaust: Animated Map

Introduction to the Holocaust Studies – Arizona State University

Midwest Center for Holocaust Educ. Classroom Resources

Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center Resources for Teachers

Midwest Center for Holocaust Education Lesson Plans

NJ Commission on Holocaust Education Curriculum for Grades 9-12

Path to Nazi Genocide: A Documentary

PBS Holocaust Remembrance Day Lesson Plans and Activities

Shoah and the Bible

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Videos

The Holocaust & Its Legacy – West Point Course Syllabus

The Holocaust, Media, Memory – Brown University Course Syllabus

The Holocaust – Kenyon College Course Syllabus

The Holocaust – Logan Rogersville High School Course Syllabus

The Holocaust –  Chelmsford Public Schools

The Holocaust through Film – Boston College

Third Reich: An Overview

United Nations Holocaust Education Program

Why We Remember the Holocaust: A Video

Yad Vashem Elementary & Middle School Curriculum