The First Nevada Confence on Russian Culture

Unniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
November 23-25, 1992


Introduction: Continuity and Change in Russian Culture, Dmitri Shalin

Russia in Search of Its History, Boris Paramonov

Public Morality and Private Responsibility, Igor Kon

Public Opinion and the Resurgence of Political Culture, Yuri Levada

Ambivalence and Resistance to Social Change, Alexander Etkind

The End of Russian Intelligentsi?, Dmitri Shalin

Faith in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, Jerry Pankhurst

From Communal Living to Private Life, Svetlana Boym

Russian Folklore and Mores, Zara Abdullaeva

New Soviet Man" in the Mirror of Literature, Maurice Friedberg

Russian Artists Facing The Trial by Freedom, Daniil Dondurei

Work Ethics under Perestroika, Vladimir Magun