The Social Health of Nevada:
Leading Indicators and Quality of Life in the Silver State*

Dmitri N. Shalin, ed.
(UNLV: CDC Publications, 2017)

(See also the 2012 Social Health of Nevada and 2006 Social Health of Nevada Report)


Disease Prevalence and Health Determinants, Taka Yamashita and Roberto Millar

Prevalence and Patterns of Injury-Related Mortality, Elizabeth Lawrence and Aiemie Pace

Behavioral and Mental Health, Ruth Kondray and Kyle Devine

Addiction and Substance Abuse, Andrea Blin

Child Abuse and Neglect, Ramona Denby Brinson and Hanna Haran

Aging Trends and Challenges, Jennifer R. Keene and Jacqueline Ragin

Immigration and Ethnic Diversity
, Tiffiany Howard and Roman Lewis

Religion and Spirituality
, Josiah Kidwell and Michael Borer

Suicide Trends and Prevention, Matt Wray, Tatiana Poladko, and Misty Vaughan Allen

Crime and Delinquency, Brooke M. Wagner, Andrew L. Spivak, Stephanie L. Kent, and Deborah Koetzle

Health Care Access and Insurance Availability, Douglas L. Garner, Marie A. Wakefield, Tiffany Tyler, A. Dexter Samuels, and Roger Cleveland

Dropout and Graduation Rates, Tiffany G. Tyler and Sandra Owens

Academic Achievement and School Resources, Tiffany Tyler, Douglas Garner, Marie Wakefield, Roger Cleveland, and Sandra Owens

Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy, Tiffany G. Tyler, Marie Wakefield, Sandra Owens, and Lori Smith

Addiction and Substance Abuse among Youth, An-Pyng Sun, Chih-Hsiang Ho, and Larry Ashley

Disability Rights and Resources, Janet S. Belcove-Shalin

Prenatal Care and Infant Mortality, Douglas Garner, Roger Cleveland, A. Dexter Samuels, and Tiffany Tyler

Income Distribution and Poverty, Danielle Ely, Maria Cristina Morales, and David Dickens

Housing Availability and Homelessness, Dahn Shaulis, Kathleen Fairchild, and Kurt Borchard

Environment and the Quality of Life, Robert Futrell and Mark Salvaggio 

Nonprofits and Philanthropy, Jessica Word and Shauna Davis

Sex Industry and Sex Workers, Jenny Heineman, Rachel MacFarlane, and Barbara G. Brents

Problem Gambling and Treatment, Bo J. Bernhard and Sara St. Jones

Art and Cultural Participation, Robert Tracy

*This 2006 Report on the Social Health of Nevada stems from the Justice & Democracy forum on the Leading Social Indicators in Nevada that took place on November 5, 2004, at the William S. Boyd School of Law. The report, the first of its kind for the Silver State, represented a collaborative effort of the University of Nevada faculty, Clark County professionals, and state of Nevada officials. The Social Health of Nevada report was made possible in part by a Planning Initiative Award that the Center for Democratic Culture received from the UNLV President's office for its project "Civic Culture Initiative for the City of Las Vegas." The 2012 Social Health of Nevada Report is spearheaded by UNLV's Center for Democratci Culture and Department of Sociology. Individual chapters of the report are brought on line as they become available. For further inquiries, please contact authors responsible for specific chapters or email CDC Director, Dr. Dmitri Shalin: