The International Biography Initiative is an internet project featuring interviews and autobiographical materials collected from scholars who participated in the intellectual movements spurred by the Nikita Khrushchev's liberalization campaign. We plan to place on the CDC web site written, and where possible, audio versions of the interviews. The materials are posted as they become available, in the language of the original, with translations planned for the future. Dr. Boris Doktorov,, and Dmitri Shalin,, are project co-directors. Dr. Boris Firsov,, serves as a consultant for the History of Sociology portion of this project, and Dr. Andrei Alekseev,, is a consultant for the Biographical Method materials. The UNLV Center for Democratic Culture is grateful to the editors of the magazines Teleskop, Sotsiologicheskii Zhurnal, and Zhurnal Sociologii i Socialnoi Antropologii where many of these materials first appeared for their permission to reproduce the interviews. We owe a special debt of gratitude to Dr. Larissa Kozlova,, and Dr. Natalia Mazlumyanova,, who serve as editorial consultants and provide scholarly assistance with this project. We wish to thank all our colleagues who have found time to share their memories, shown good faith, and demonstrated their willingness to expand the room for the honest difference of opinion. The materials below are divided into several sections: Interviews, Memoirs, Documents, Supplements, Testimonies, Comments, Publications, and Articles. More resources can be found in the Culture and Intelligentsia, Video Archvies, The Goffman Archives, The Levada Archives, Interactionism, Pragmatism, and sections of the Center for Democratic Culture web site.

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