Russian Culture at the Crossroads:
Paradoxes Of Postcommunit Consciousness

Edited By Dmitri N. Shalin (Boulder, C.O.: Westview Press, 1996).


Introduction: Continuity and Change in Russian Culture

Dmitri N. Shalin

Historical Culture, Boris M. Paramonov

Intellectual Culture, Dmitri N. Shalin

Psychological Culture, Alexander M. Etkind

Religious Culture, Jerry G. Pankhurst

Everyday Culture, Svetlana Boym

Moral Culture, Igor S. Kon

Popular Culture, Zara Abdullaeva

Literary Culture, Maurice Friedberg

Artistic Culture, Daniil B. Dondurei

Labor Culture, Vladimir S. Magun

Civic Culture, Yuri A. Levada

Conclusion: Toward a Post-Soviet Society
Frederick Starr

Afterword, Bruce Mazlish

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Russian Culture at the Crossroads. Vol. 1. Paradoxes of Postcommunist Consciousness