Habermas, Pragmatism, and Critical Theory

Special Issue of Symbolic Interaction. 1992, Vol. 15 (Fall).

Feature Editor: Dmitri N. Shalin


Introduction: Habermas, Pragmatism, Interactionism
Dmitri Shalin

An Underestimated Alternative: America and the Limits of Critical Theory
Hans Joas

Communication, Modernity, and Democracy in Habermas and Dewey
Robert Antonio and Douglas Kellner

Habermas, Critical Theory, and the Relativistic Predicament
David Sciulli

Habermas, Mead and Rationality
Gisela Hinkle

Habermas and Rorty: Between Scylla and Charybdis
Eugene Halton


Self In Crisis: Identity and Postmodern Condition
Special issue of Symbolic Interaction. 1993, Vol. 16 (Fall).
Feature Editor: Dmitri N. Shalin


Modernity, Postmodernism, and Pragmatist Inquiry: An Introduction
Dmitri Shalin

Goffman Against Postmodernism: Emotion and the Reality of the Self
Michael L. Schwalbe

Uncomfortably Numb: Countercultural Impulses in the Postmodern Era
Simon Gottschalk

Marginalizing the Self: A Study of Citizenship, Color, and Ethnoracial Identity in American Society
Stanford M. Lyman

Identity Crisis and Postcommunist Psychology
Igor S. Kon

The Postmodernization of Death and Dying
William Simon, C. Allen Haney, and Russell Buenteo