Russian Culture at the Crossroads:
Art and Society

Edited by Dmitri N. Shalin (Boulder, C.O.: Rowman & Littlefield, in preparation)


Dmitri Shalin

From the Binary to the Ternary Model: The Demonic, the Apophatic,
and the Secular in Russian Culture

Mikhail Epstein

The Art of Dissent: Parody, Travesty, and Irony in Russian Culture
Dmitri Shalin

Russian Literature in its Christian Context
Boris Paramonov

The Culture of the Silver Age: The Intelligentsia Without Revolution
Andrey Arjev

Modernism and Early Soviet Art
Boris Groys

The Survival of Art and the Art of Survival in Stalin's Russia
Marietta Chudakova

The Art of Criticism and the Criticism of Art
Natalia Ivanova

Rethinking the Cannon: Nonconformist Classics in Post-Soviet Perspective
Alexander Zholkovsky

Cinema in the Context of Russian Culture
Oksana Bulgakova

Russian Architectural Style: Historical Antecedents and Current Trends
Vladimir Paperny

Current Trends in Russian Visual Culture
Ekaterina Degot

Colonizing Chaos: Russian Literature at the End of the Century
Alexander Genis

Postmodern Currents in Contemporary Russian Literature
Mark Lipovetsky

Katerina Clark