Dmitri N. Shalin

Public Sociology:

Identity politics and civic imagination, Tikkun Magazine, April 5, 2021.

The mood of Nevada after the presidential election
, Nevada Public Radio, February 5, 2021

Nevada criminal justice reform falls far short. The Nevada Independent. August 1, 2020 (with Frank Cooper, Addie Rolnick and Stewart Chang).

Ten-point plan to curb police abuse. Center for Democratic Culture, UNLV, June 3, 2020.

Barack Obama and the promise of liberal pragmatism
The Communitarian Network Open Forum, July 30, 2013.

Vladimir Putin: Instead of communism, he embraces KGB capitalism. Las Vegas Review Journal, 2007, Tuesday, October 24.

NATO expansion could topple Yeltsin regime. Las Vegas Review Journal, 1997, Sunday, April 13.

The case for Yeltsin, given the alternative. Los Angeles Times, 1996, Monday, June 10.

Can Solzhenitsyn break a deadlock, Los Angeles Times, 1994, Monday, May 16 (With B. Paramonov).

Emotional barriers to democracy are daunting, Los Angeles Times, 1993, Wednesday, October 27.

Yielding the centerstage, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1993, Thursday, October 7.

Yeltsin deserves our support. Los Angeles Times, 1993, Thursday, March 2.

Former communists may never reach the promised land. Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1992, Sunday, December 13.

Yeltsin's federation feels nationalistic tremors. Christian Science Monitor. 1991, Tuesday, December 10.

Can Yeltsin be trusted. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1991, Thursday, November 21.

Sexual counter-revolution in the U.S.S.R. Boston Globe . 1991, Monday, August 19.

All U.N. edicts are not created equal. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1991, Sunday, May 5.

Ethics of survival. Christian Science Monitor. 1990, Tuesday, December 4.

A Malaise that plagues the Soviets. Chicago Tribune, 1990, October 19.

Perestroika's ugly brother, anti-semitism. Los Angeles Times, 1990, July 25.

Why economic reforms have failed. Chicago Tribune, 1990, May 30.

The limits on Gorbachev's power. Christian Science Monitor, 1990, Tuesday, April 3.

A giant headache for mother Russia. Los Angeles Times, 1990, Sunday, February 25,

Glasnost and sex. New York Times, 1990, Tuesday, January 24.

No meat, no soap – and now, a crime wave. Wall Street Journal, 1990, Friday, January 5.

Settling old accounts. Christian Science Monitor. 1989, Friday, December 29.

Soviet economy advancing to the rear. Los Angeles Times, 1989, Friday, July 21.

For Soviets to master the land, land must be given to masters. Los Angeles Times, 1989, Thursday, March 16.

After 13 years apart, an airport reunion... Los Angeles Times, 1989, Friday, February 3.

From lies to half-truth in the USSR. Chicago Tribune, 1988, Thursday, August 25.

For Marxism, a problem of national proportions. Los Angeles Times, 1988, Tuesday, March 22.

Democracy in the hands of the people. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1988, Friday, February 26.

A Test for the Moscow Spring. Los Angeles Times, 1987, Sunday, November 8.

...But also the immutable past. Chicago Tribune, 1987, Friday, October 16.

Gorbachev's openness is for real. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday1987, July 5.

'Amerika': An uncertain trumpet. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1987, Tuesday, February 24.

'Reforms in the USSR: Muckraking, Soviet style. Chicago Tribune, 1987, Monday, February 16.

How about some real dialogue with Soviets? SIU Courier, 1986, January 24.

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