Russian Intelligentsia in the Age of Counterperestroika:
Political Agendas, Rhetorical Strategies, Personal Choices

(Published Versions of the Papers Are Available Here)

Russian Journal of Communication
Special issue, ed. by Dmitri Shalin
Vol. 10, No. 2-3, 2018


Dmitri Shalin
Communication, democracy, and intelligentsia

Lev G
"Intelligentsia" – the vanishing phenomenon and its aftermath (Rus, Eng)

Mikhail Epstein
Intelligentnsia, intellectuals, and the social mission of intelligence (Rus, Eng)

Leonid Gozman

Subjective notes on the objective situation among Russian intelligentsia
(Rus, Eng)

Andrei Piontkovsky
Postintelligentsia and the moral catastrophe of Russian society
(Rus, Eng)

Dmitri Shalin
Russian intelligentsia in the age of counterperestroika (Eng)

Gasan Gusejnov
Intelligentsia exhumed: Nationalist currents in contemporary Russian intelligentsia
(Rus, Eng)

Mark Lipovetsky
Intelligentsia and cynicism: Political metamorphoses of postmodernism (Rus, Eng)

Natalia Ivanova
Intelligentsia and independent literary groupings after perestroika
(Rus, Eng)

Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Reading as a heroic act: Intelligentsia and uncensored literature
(Rus, Eng)

Sergei Iourienen
Intelligentsia and Emigration: Personal risks, strategic possibilities, frustrated expectations (Rus, Eng)

Aleksandr Genis
Propaganda and the illusion of freedom: Russian intelligentsia as a captive of history (Rus, Eng)

Viktor Shenderovich
Intelligentsia and the Gospel according to Mathew (Rus, Eng)

The materials assembled in this collection were discussed at the Fourth Nevada Conference on Russian Art and Culture.
The video and audio podcasts of the conference proceedings can be accessed on this page


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