he Nevada Conference on Russian Culture Series
advances the mission of UNLV Center from Democratic Culture to facilitate research on the historical experience of American democracy, strengthen civil society around the globe, and organize exchanges with scholars and public intellectuals in countries engaged democratic reform.  In line with this agenda, CDC associates spearheaded collaborative studies on democratic institution building and staged a series of conferences on the Cold War and its aftermath. The following is the list of major international gatherings sponsored by the Center for Democratic Culture.

Fourth Nevada Conference on Russian Art and Culture
took place November 16-19, 2018, at Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas. Among conference participants were Lev Gudkov, Natalia Ivanova, Boris Grebenshchikov, Timur Shaov, Leonid Gozman, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Mikhail Epstein, Vladimir Paperny, Andrei Piontkovsky, Pavel Litvinov, Aleksandr Genis, Mark Lipovetsky, Mikhail Fishman, Vera Pavlova, Alexander Zholkovsky, Vladimir Paperny, Gasan Gusejnov, Elena Glazova-Corrigan, Ilya Zaslavsky, Sergei Iourienen, Paul Werth, and Dmitri Shalin. In connection with this symposium, Russian Journal of Communication published a special issue titled "Russian Intelligentsia in the Age of Counterperestroika: Political Agendas, Rhetorical Strategies, Personal Choices."
In addition to poetry readings and music performances by Russian artists, this international symposium featured panel discussions on the intelligentsia and power, personal risks of working in and emigrating from Russia, and autobiography as form of historical consciousness. The announcement, list of sponsors, and conference program can be found online. The conference video and audio materials are available on this page.

Third Nevada Conference and Russian Art Festival were staged at the University of Nevada November 19-22, 2000. The Center for Democratic Culture hosted two dozen Russian artists, scholars and intellectuals who discussed the plight of the artists after the demise of the Soviet Union and staged art exhibitions, poetry readings, and musical performances. Among speakers and performers were Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Natalia Ivanova, Lev Rubinstein, Leonid Lamm, Marietta Chudakova, Yuri Shevchuk, Lev Losev, Vitaly Komar, John Bowlt, Alexander Kushner, Alexander Zholkovsky, Marina Adamovich, Timur Kibirov, Vladimir Tarasov, Mikhail Epstein, Jack Macey, Mark Lipovetsky, Vladimir Paperny, Edward Beliaev, Natalia Kolozei, Zinovy Zinnik, Leonid Pinchevsky, Alla Rosenfeld, Leonid Sokov, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Volkov, Dmitri Prigov, Grisha Bruskin, Ekaterina Dyogot, Svetlana Boym, Mikhail Chernyshev, Oksana Bulgakova, and Nina Gruen. Click here to find out about the Third Nevada Conference on Russian Culture and Russiasn Art Festsival.

Second Nevada Conference on Russian Culture was staged in November 24-25, 1997. It focused on the interfaces between art and society and examined the role that culture plays in the transformation of society. The following is the list of conference participants: Mikhail Epstein, Andrei Ariev, Boris Paramonov, Vladimir Paperny, Ekaterina Degot, Vitaly Komar, Svetlana Boym, Marietta Chudakova, Alexander Genis, Natalia Ivanova, Alexander Zholkovsky, Mark Lipovetsky, Solomon Volkov, Solomon Volkov, Boris Groys, Lev Losev, Katerina Clark, Maurice Friedberg, Alla Latynina, Konstantin Kustanovich, Irina Muravyova, Gisela Zimmermann, Carol Harter. Click on the link to find out about the Second Nevada Conference on Russian Culture.

First Nevada Conference
on Russian Culture took place November 23-24, 1992. This gathering dealt with perestroika and glasnost and the contradictory role that cultural elites play in Russian democratic reforms. Conference participants included Yuri Levada, Igor Kon, Vladimir Shlapentokh, Alexander Etkind, Svetlana Boym, Daniil Dondurei, Boris Paramonov, Edward Beliaev, Vladimir Magun, Margarita Zhamkochian, Bruce Mazlish, Maurice Friedberg, Robert Tucker, Eugene Halton, Jerry Pankhurst. Click on the link to find out about the First Nevada Conference on Soviet Culture.

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