The Autobiograhy and Memoir
page features extensive personal narratives on various subjects. It contains classic and contemporary first-person accounts by artists, writers, scholars, and public intellectuals who remember their times and pay tribute to their contemporaries. The project is part of the International Biography Initiative (IBI) that started as a collection of interviews with Russian sociologists who came of age during the Khrushchev era and took part in Gorbachev's reforms. IBI was subsequently extended to include international scholars and public figures who reminisce about their teachers, colleagues, and professional careers.  The relevant materials can be found in the Erving Goffman Archives, Intercyberlibrary, and Pragmaciberlibrary.


Memoirs, Autobiogaphies, Correspondence

Sergey Aksakov, Memoirs
Pavel Annenkov, Memoirs (Rus)
Pavel Annenkov, Letters (Rus)
Yuri Annenkov, Diaries (Rus)
B. Bakhmetov, V. Maklakov, Correspondence v.1, v.2, v.3 (Rus
Vissarion Belinsky, Remembering V. Belinsky (Rus)
Andrey Bely, Memoirs (Rus)
Andrey Bely, Italian letters (Rus)
Aleksandr Benua, Memoirs v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Nikolai Berdiaev, Notebooks, letters, autobiography (Rus)
Nikolai Berdiaev, Letters to M. Gershenzon (Rus)
Aleksandr Block, Remembering A. Block v. 1; v 2 (Rus)
А leksandr Block, Diaries v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Aleksandr Block, Notebooks (Rus)
Andrey Bolotov, Life and adventures v. 1; v. 2; v. 3 (Rus)
Sergei Bulgakov, Letters to M. Morozova (Rus)
Sergei Bulkgakov, Letters to Rozanov (Rus)
Petr Chaadaev, Complete works and selected letters v. 1, 2 (Rus)
Anton Chekhov,
Remembering A. Chekhov (Rus)
Anton Chekhov, Letters (Rus)
Gavrila Derzhavin, Notebooks (Rus)
Ivan Dolgorukov, Notebooks (Rus)
Fedor Dostoevsky, Remembering F. Dostoevsky v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Fedor Dostoevsky, Diaries v. 1; v 2; v. 3; v. 4; v. 5; v. 6 (Rus)
Fedor Dostoevsky, Letters v. 1; v. 2; v. 3; v. 4; v. 5; v. 6 (Rus)
Anna Dostoevskaya, Remembrances (Rus)
Sergei Durylin, In my own quarters (Rus)
Sergei Esenin, Remembering S. Esenin (Rus)
Georgy Efron, Diaries v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Ekaterina II, Notebooks (Rus)
Afanasy Fet, Memoirs v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Afanasy Fet, Letters (Rus)
Mikhail Gershenzon, Correspondence with V. Ivanov (Rus)
Zinaida Gippius, Diaries (Rus)
Zinaida Gippius, Letters v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Nikolai Gogol, Rememebrng N. Gogol v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Nikolai Grech, Notes of my life (Rus)
Aleksndr Griboedov, Letters (Rus)
Apollon Grigoriev, Remembering A. Grigoriev (Rus)
Apollon Ggigoriev, Autobiography (Rus)
Apollon Grigoriev, Letters (Rus)
Nikolai Gumilev, Rememebring N. Gumilev (Rus)
Nikolai Gumilev, Letters (Rus)
Alexander Herzen, My past and thought v. 1- 3; 4; 5; 6-8 (Rus)
Aleksandr Herzen, Letters (Rus)
Georgy Ivanov, Memoirs (Rus)
Viacheslav Ivanov, Correspondence (Rus)
Ivanov-Razumnik, From correspondence (Rus)
Ivanov-Razumnik, Istoria Russkoi Mysli v. 1, v. 2, v. 3 (Rus)
Antiokh Kantemir, Correspondence (Rus)
Nikolai Karamzin, Selected letters and prose (Rus)
Ivan Kireevsky, Letters (Rus)
Nikolai Kliuev, Documents and Letters (Rus)
Ivan Krylov, Remembering I. Krylov (Rus)
Wilhelm Kukhelbecker, Diaries (Rus)
Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory (Rus)
Alexander Lappo-Danilevsky, Letters (Rus)
Konstantin Leontiev, Selected correspondence (Rus)
Mikhail Lermontov, Remembering M. Lermontov (Rus)
Nikolai Lesksov, Biographical materials v. 1, v. 2 (Rus)
Mikhail Lomonosov, Letters (Rus)
Nikiolai Lossky, Memoirs (Rus)
Mikhail Lunin, Letters from Siberia (Rus)
Nikolai Lvov, Diaries (Rus)
V. Maklakov, B. Bakhmetov, Correspondence v.1, v.2, v.3 (Rus)
Pavel Milyukov, Memoirs (Rus)
Mikhail Muravyev, Letters (Rus)
Semen Nadson, Diaries (Rus)
Avdotia Panaeva, Memoirs (Rus)
Kozma Prutkov, Correspondence (Rus)
Aleksandr Pushkin, Remembering A. Pushkin v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Aleksandr Pushkin, Autobiographical Writings (Rus)
Aleksandr Pushkin, Letters (Rus)
Vasily Rozanov, Corresopndence with M. Gershenzon (Rus)
Konstantin Romanov, Diaries and Correspondence (Rus)
Vladimir Soloviev, Letters v. 1; v. 2; v. 3 (Rus)
Vladimir Sologub, Memoirs (Rus)
Fedor Stepun, The lived and unlived past v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Aleksandr Sumarokov, Corespondence (Rus)
Sophia Tolstaya, Diaries v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Lev Tolstoy, Diaries 1; 2; 3 (Rus)
Lev Tolstoy, Remembering L. Tolstoy v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Fedor Tiutcvhev, Rememebring F. Tiutchev (Rus)
Fedor Tiutchev, Letters v 1; v. 2; v. 3 (Rus)
Aleksandr Turgenev, Diaries (Rus)
Aleksandr Turgenev, Letters v. 1; v. 2; v. 3; v. 4 (Rus)
Ivan Turgenev, Remembering I. Turgenev v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Ivan Turgenev, Letters (Rus)
Vekhi, Essays on Russian Intelligentsia (Rus)
Petr Viazemsky, Notebooks (Rus)
Igor Vinogradov, Gogol in memoirs, letters, diaries v. 1; v. 2; v. 3
Maksimilian Voloshin, Remembering M. Voloshin (Rus)
Vasily Zhukovsky, Remembering V. Zhukovsky (Rus)
Vasily Zhukovsky, Diaries and Letters,1804-1833 (Rus)
Vasily Zhukovsky, Diaries and Letters, 1834-1847 (Rus)

Mark Aldanov, From the diaries
Andrei Alekseev, Dramatic sociology and self-reflection (Rus)
Andrei Alekseev, R. Lenchevsky, Profession-Sociologist v. 1, 2, 3, 4
Svetlana Allilueva, Twelve letters to a friend (Rus)
Viktor Astafiev, Letters v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Isaak Babel, Letters (Rus)
Mikhail Bakhtin, Conversations with A. Duvakin (Rus)
Arkady Belinkov, Yuri Tynianov (Rus)
Arkady Belinkov, N. Belinkova, Contending with the Age (Rus)
Joseph Brodsky, Remembering J. Brodsky v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Lidia Chukovskaya, From my diary (Rus)
Lidia Chukovskaya, Notes on Anna Akhmatova v. 1; v. 2; v. 3 (Rus)
Lidia Chukovskaya, Correspondence with Zhirmunsky (Rus)
Korney Chukovsky, Diaries v.1; v 2 (Rus)
Korney Chukovsky, Letters v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Vitaly Dmitrievsky, Life in episdoes (Rus)
Boris Doktorov, My experience in an American school (Rus)
Boris Eikhenbaum, The young Lev Tolstoy (Rus)
Igor Efimov, Epsitolary roman with S. Dovlatov (Rus)
Georgy Efron, Diaries v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Mikhail Epstein, Autobiographical page (Rus, Eng)
Mikhail Epstein and S. Iourienen, Encyclopedia of Youth
Efim Etkind, Notes of a nonconspirator (Rus)
Boris Firsov, A memoir of my work in sociology (Rus)
Alexander Genis, Autobiographical page (Rus, Eng)
Alexander Genis, The Return Address: Self-Portrait (Rus)
Emma Gerstain, Memoirs
Yakov Gilisnky, My life in the worl, the world in me (Rus)
Lidia Ginzburg, Notebooks, memoirs, essays (Rus)
Boris Grebenshchikov, Musical memoir (Rus)
Lidia Ginzburg, Behind the writing desk (Rus)
Gasan Gusejnov, Remembering my teachers: an interview (Rus)
Sergei Iourienen, Autobiographical page (Rus, Eng)
Sergei Iourienen, M. Epstein, Encyclopedia of Youth (Rus)
Natalya Ivanova, Autobiographical Page (Rus, Eng)
Natalia Ivanova, Autobiographical prose (Rus)
Daniil Kharms, Diaries (Rus)
Valentin Kataev, My diamond crown (Rus)
Anri Ketegat, Family chronicles (Rus)
Anri Ketegat, Disk -- Memoirs (Rus)
Nikita Khrushchev, Memoirs (Rus)
Igor Kon, Autobiograhpical reflections (Rus)
Igor Kon, From correspondence with D. Shalin (Rus)
Igor Kon, Interview (Rus)
Grigory Konovalov, Letters to Evgenia Gutman-Shalin (Rus)
Vladimir Kostiushev, Memoirs of a military airman
Vladmir Lakshin, Memoirs and sketches (Rus)
Yuri Levada, Harvard interview (Rus)
Lev Losev, Joseph Brodsky (Rus)
Iosif Mandlestam, Remembering I. Mandelstam (Rus)
Nadezhda Mandelstam, Memoirs (Rus)
Nadezhda Mandelstam, Memoirs. The Second book (Rus)
Anatoly Marchenko, My testimony (Rus)
Yuri Nagibin, Diary (Rus)
Yuri Neimer, A memoir (Rus)
Vladimir Paperny, Autobiographical Page (Rus, Eng)
Vlasimir Paperny, Mos Angeles Selected (Rus)
Vladimir Paperny, Мos-Angeles Two (Rus)
Valentina Polukhina, Contemporaries about Brodksy v 1; v. 2; (Rus)
Mikhail Prishvin, Diaries (Rus)
Evgeny Rein, Iosif (Rus)
Aleksei Rumiantsev, My work as editor of 'Pravda' (Rus)
David Samoilov, Diaries v. 1; v. 2 (Rus)
Andrei Sakharov, On progress and intellectual freedom (Rus)
Dmitri Shalin, From dialogues of V. Yadov and D. Shalin (Rus)
Dmitri Shalin, Biocritical reflections on Encyclopedia of Youth
Dmitri Shalin, Theses on biocritical hermeneutics (Rus)
Evgenia Shalina, Reflections on Las Vegas (Rus)
Evgenia Shalina, Memoirs 1938-1938 (Rus)
Viktor Shklovsky, Zhili byli (Rus)
Evgeny Schwarz, Memoirs (Rus)
Evgeny Schwarz, Diaries and letters v. 1; v. 2; v. 3; v. 4 (Rus)
Timur Shaov, Musical Meoir (Rus)
Vladimir Shliapentokh, My life in Russia after Stalin (Rus, Eng)
Viktor Sikorko, Butyrka diaries (Rus)
Anatoly Silin, An atempt at self- reflection (Rus)
Aleksandr Solzhenitsin, Bodalsia telenok s dubom (Rus)
Valentin Sorokin, Remembering Grigory Konovalov (Rus)
Leonid Stolovich, Remembering Yuri Levada (Rus)
Leonid Stolovich, Remembering Yuri Levada (Rus)
Alexander Tvardovsky, Notebooks, 1960's (Rus)
Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Memoirs (Rus)
Anastasia Tsvetaeva, My Siberia (Rus)
Yuri Tynianov, Remembering Y. Tynianov (Rus)
Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Autobiographical Page (Rus)
Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Reading as a heroic act (Rus)
Petr Yakir, Memoirs (Rus)
Tatyana Zaslavskaya, Leafs of my intellectual biogaphy (Rus)
Andrei Zdravomyslov, Milestones of my scholarly biography (Rus)
Vladimir Yadov, How I didn't exit communist party (Rus)
Aleksander Zholkovsky, Russian Roulette (Rus)
Aleksandr Zholkovsky, Memoir vignettes (Rus)
Aleksandr Zholkovsky, Autobiographical interviews (Rus)
Aleksandr Zholkovsky, Las Vegas memoir (Rus)
Mikhail Zoshchenko, Remembering M. Zoshchenko (Rus)